ICAR cautions farmers about possible pest attack on paddy crops

ITANAGAR, 23 Jul: The ICAR’s Research Complex for North East Hills (RC NEH) region in Leparada HQ Basar has cautioned the farmers of the rice-producing districts of the state about a possible attack of stem-borer on rice plants.

There are chances of stem-borer attack on the rice plants in the current dry and hot weather conditions, the RC NEH said in its agro-meteorological advisory bulletin issued on Friday.

It advised the farmers to regularly monitor their crops and apply recommended pesticides on them after 10 days of transplantation.

Stem-borers are serious pests and bore at the base of the plants during the vegetative stage. The larvae bore holes into the stem and carve it out, causing eventual death of the plant.

The RC NEH also cautioned the farmers about a possible attack of citrus psylla and leaf miners on orange trees, and advised the farmers to closely monitor their orchards.

The advisory stated that the current weather condition is also favourable for fruit-borer infestation.