Covid-19 awareness-cum-vaccination campaigns organized in Chambang

CHAMBANG, 28 Jul:  A joint team of the local administration, PRI leaders and health department conducted a five days Covid-19 awareness-cum-vaccination drives in various villages under Chambang circle to dispel myths and misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines and encourage the villagers to get vaccinated.

The team, comprising of Kra Daadi ZPC Charu Menia, Chambang CO Yumlam Pulu, MO Dr Hibu Pai and brand ambassador for Covid-19 vaccination for Kra Daadi district Byabang Roshan toured Miching, Kamrung, Korayer, Rongte-Rite, Pate, Tahu and Tudubath gram panchayat segments and educated the villagers about the importance of getting the vaccine.

Most of the villagers, who were earlier reluctant to take the vaccine, were successfully convinced to get themselves vaccinated.

The coordinated efforts of the health department, the district administration and the PRI leaders yielded 100 percent vaccination of the population (as per household survey data) of Rumbang Gram Panchayat and Sengcheng village. (DIPRO)