Training cum input distribution of bio-fertilizers

CHAGLAGAM, 28 Jul: Seventy farmers and rural youths from different villages of Chaglagam attended a ‘Training cum input distribution programme of bio-fertilizers’, under NEC-funded project of the ICAR for NEH Region, AP Centre, Basar, organized by the ICAR-KVK Anjaw here on 27 July.

Senior Scientist & KVK Anjaw Head in-charge S Peter Singh briefed the gathering about the importance of organic cultivation and its potential in the district. He said that organic cultivation is a holistic production system that promotes agro-ecosystem health.

“As the district is one of the organic zones, imparting training and providing awareness on the promotion of organic cultivation is much needed among the farmers,” he added.

In the technical session, Agronomy Subject Matter Specialist Khoisnam Naveen gave a detailed lecture on bio-fertilizers, and its different types and uses in agricultural production system. He also trained the farmers regarding the method of uses of different bio-fertilizers, and their negative and positive effects on the soil environment.

Gram Parishad Member Ganju Tega stressed that majority of the people in the district depend on agriculture for their livelihood, and therefore, “efforts should be made to increase the diversity of crops in the district.”

Programme Assistant Keshab Ch Gogoi also gave his inputs.

Later, bio-fertilizers, organic manure, bio-fungicide, bio-pesticide, neem oil cake, bio-NPK and growth hormone, etc. were distributed to all the farmers.