China’s customs officials seize maps for showing Arunachal as part of India

BEIJING, 30 Jul: Customs officials in China have seized a large consignment of world maps, meant for export, for showing Arunachal as part of India, the official media reported on Friday.

China claims Arunachal as part of south Tibet, which is firmly rejected by India. India says that Arunachal is its integral and inalienable part.

The maps, wrapped in about 300 export consignments marked as bedclothes, were seized by the customs

at the Shanghai Pudong airport, Chinese daily reported.

China passed a new regulation in 2019, making it mandatory for all maps being printed and sold in the country, including those meant for exports, to carry the official version of Chinese maps, incorporating China’s claims including, Arunachal, Taiwan and the South China Sea.

Maps are the main form of representing national territory, which is serious for its political, scientific and legal significance, the notice announcing the new regulation said.

“Problematic maps will confuse the international community about China’s territory or even be hyped by those with ulterior motives,” it said.

In the same year the rule was promulgated, Chinese customs destroyed over three lakh maps meant for export on the ground that they were not compatible with the official maps of the country. (PTI)