RGU organizes webinar on NEP-2020

RONO HILLS, 7 Aug: Rajiv Gandhi University’s (RGU) physical education & sports sciences faculty organized a webinar titled ‘National Education Policy (NEP)-2020: A discourse with respect to physical education and sports’ on 7 August to mark the passing of a year following the unveiling of the NEP-2020.

The webinar was organized with the aim of providing information about the new changes suggested in the NEP-2020 with regard to physical education and sports, and to discuss the broad impact of the NEP-2020 on the development of physical education and sports at different academic levels.

RGU Pro-VC Prof Amitava Mitra said, “Physical education and sports are not just a PT drill. They are about learning new skills in sports, and learning about health and hygiene.”

Registrar Dr NT Rikam emphasized on promotion of physical education and sports. He assured that the university would promote health- and sports-related activities “as it creates a positive energy and enhances productivity.”

Physical Education & Sports Sciences HoD Dr Tadang Minu spoke on the need for infrastructure and support staff to promote sports talents.

Former vice chancellor of Gwalior-based Lakshmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Dilip Kumar Dureha dwelt on the reforms made in the new education policy with respect to physical education and sports.

“Now sports will be part of the curriculum, and it will be mandatory for all,” he said, adding that physical education should also be included in the UPSC and other civil service commission examinations as an optional subject.

“Developing a community coaching facility may help to identify more talents and help in preparing the players,” he said.

Trivandrum-based SAI LNCPE Principal Dr G Kishore explained that physical education, value education and life skills are essential part of education, and that the new education policy is a step towards holistic development of students at every level.

“Students who will complete the first year in BPEd will get the CPEd degree and will be eligible for elementary school teaching. If they leave the course after two years, they will get a diploma degree and will be eligible for coaching. Likewise, they will get a BPES degree on the completion of third year, and BPEd degree on the completion of fourth year of the programme,” he said.

A total of 112 participants from different professional backgrounds, including students, research scholars, teachers, fitness trainers, freelancers, SAI coaches, and assistant professors from all corners of the country participated in the webinar.