GoAP asked to promote memorial of war fought a century ago

ITANAGAR, 9 Aug: Governor BD Mishra on Monday asked the state government to promote an under-construction memorial of a war fought by the Adi community against the British over 100 years ago in Siang district.

Historically important Kekar Monying, 400 kms from here, is the site of confrontation between the British and the Adis in 1911.

Expressing appreciation for the ongoing construction of the ‘Anglo-Adi war trail’ along with an epitaph, the governor said that it should be properly built.

“MPs from the state should highlight the war memorial in the Lok Sabha as it is a glorious chapter in the history of the northeastern state,” he said.

Adi heroes of the Siang belt had valiantly fought against the British in various Anglo-Adi wars that lasted from 1858 to 1911. The last Anglo-Adi war took place in 1911 after Noel Williamson and his soldiers were killed on 31 March, 1911, by Adi warriors led by Matmur Jamoh. (PTI)