Gov stresses on adherence to Covid-appropriate behaviour

ITANAGAR, 9 Aug: Governor BD Mishra has emphasized on strictly adhering to Covid-appropriate behaviour in the state.

During a meeting with Health Minister Alo Libang at the Raj Bhavan here on Monday, the governor said that “it is the duty of every citizen to follow the advisory of the state and district administration and the health department to face the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

He advised Libang to focus on vaccination, particularly in the capital region, which has been reporting the highest numbers of Covid cases, and on ensuring that the people in every nook and corner of the state are vaccinated as soon as possible.

The governor also raised the matter of revamping the regional mental hospital in Midpu and “expediting the approval of the union government for the sanction and construction of an artificial limb manufacturing centre in the state.”

Libang briefed the governor on the Covid-19 scenario in the state, and highlighted the initiatives taken by the state government during the pandemic.

He assured Mishra that he would inspect the mental hospital in Midpu at the earliest and take up the matter of establishing an artificial limb manufacturing centre in the state. (Raj Bhavan)