Miao admin issues advisory against venturing into rivers

[ Pisi Zauing ]

MIAO, 9 Aug: The Miao administration in Changlang district on Monday issued an advisory against venturing into the rivers to avoid mishaps.

The administration has taken the step following an incident on 7 August, when a boy, identified as Samjon Bo, of Miao township, drowned while bathing in the Noa-Dihing river.

Miao ADC Sunny K Singh had immediately issued an advisory, prohibiting children from venturing into the flooding river.

The ADC observed that children of the township are in the habit of regularly thronging the Noa-Dihing river for bathing and swimming, despite the rising water level.

“Since venturing into the river and river bodies for bath, swimming and any other purposes during this monsoon at this juncture is very risky and dangerous in the context of occurrence of drowning cases, all denizens, parents, guardians and general public of Miao administrative subdivision are advised to refrain from venturing into the river, and particularly not to let their children and wards to venture into the river and river bodies,” stated the ADC in his order.

The administration has further provided the following numbers to contact in case of any emergency: 8575641981 (Miao EAC), 9612666396 (town magistrate) and 8729947651 (Miao PS OC).