Assn refutes police statement on murder

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 26 Aug: The Nabam Youth Association (NYA) and family members of Nabam Lingdo have refuted the statement issued by the capital police regarding the cause of Lingdo’s murder, and termed it unauthentic.

Lingdo was allegedly murdered by one Taba Sanjay on 21 August in Nirjuli, and the police had issued a statement that “On Saturday, at around 8:30 pm, information was received from a girl that one Taba Sanjay, who she was in a relationship with, came to the residence of her brother-in-law Nabam Lingdo and shot him, leading to his death, and assaulted her sister with a dao, causing a deep cut on her forehead. The incident occurred at around 6:30 pm.”

Addressing reporters at the press club here on Thursday, NYA president Nabam Tuna said, “The police had claimed (in the information received by the complainant) that Lingdo and his wife (complainant’s sister) were creating obstacles in the relationship between the accused Taba Sanjay and his girlfriend (Lingdo’s sister-in-law). The information is unauthentic as Lingdo and his wife have no role in it. In fact, it was the girl’s parents who were opposed to their relationship as they were not pleased with Sanjay’s behaviour.”

“We appreciate the prompt action taken by the police in nabbing the accused. We are extremely grateful for that. At the same time, the Nabam family is saddened to learn that the police gave out the information without knowing the truth,” he said, adding that “the statement has been creating assumptions among the people that Lingdo was probably in an illicit relationship with his sister-in-law.”

Claiming that the police department is yet to speak to the deceased man’s family, the accused’s family, or the girl’s family, the NYA said that the police should have cross-checked the girl’s statement and inquired with the families before going to the public domain.

Also raising doubts over the integrity of the accused’s girlfriend, Tuna said that “the Nabam clan requests the police to investigate her involvement in the case as well.”

Requesting the society to condemn such incidents, the NYA also appealed to the relatives of the accused to let the law take its course and punish him accordingly.

“If the family makes attempts to get him out on bail, tries to help him in the case, or interferes in the investigation, then we shall consider them to be equally responsible for the murder. In such a case, we will also not hesitate to give justice to our late brother out of court,” Tuna said.