Take action against illegal earth-cutting

In the last 15 days, the state has been battered by heavy rainfall. Massive damages have been caused to private as well as government properties all over the state. The heavy downpour has led to massive loss of properties and agriculture fields, and damaged several infrastructures in various parts of the state, including the Itanagar capital region (ICR) and adjoining areas of Papum Pare district. The worst hit area is the ICR, especially the low-lying areas like Lekhi, Nirjuli, etc. It is seen that the majority of the damages have been caused by manmade disasters.
Earth-cutting on the hillsides of human settlement has caused major damages to the low-lying areas. Due to heavy monsoon downpour, the rainwater brings mud to the road and drains. The choked drains in turn cause flooding and mudslides, thereby leading to large-scale devastation. Even in Itanagar, in several areas, the drains have been choked by garbage dumped by the citizens. This kind of reckless behaviour is a big challenge for everyone. The citizens also need to deeply introspect. Every year during monsoon, the state, in particular the ICR, is devastated by manmade disasters. But come winter, people forget everything and again keep on repeating the mistakes. It is time the ICR administration started taking serious action against people who indulge in reckless earth-cutting, thereby choking the drains. The administration also needs to come down hard on people who choke drains by throwing wastes on the drains. As citizens are failing to develop a civic sense, the administration has been left with no choice but to use law and initiate action against people who indulge in illegal earth-cutting activities.