APPSC mains exam result: 1:3 ratio not maintained


The results of the APPSC mains exam were finally declared after a delay of almost a year.

Altogether 141 candidates were called for interview for a total 111 posts which were advertised in Notification No PSC-R (A)/28/2019 (Vol 2) and this falls foul of the rules published in the Arunachal Pradesh Gazette (13 December, 2019, Part 3). According to the aforesaid rules (Schedule 2, Section 1 and Clause 4), the number of candidates to be called for interview will be in the ratio of 1:3 as prescribed under the OM No 54/2006, dated 7 January, 2008, making the candidates who ought to be called for an interview at 333.

The unemployed youths have put their hard work in the mains exam, facing countless hardships.

One is curious whether the commission has got a sadistic taste of playing with the lives of the youths of Arunachal by their repeated negligence, or is it a case of gross incompetence on their part?

It is hard to believe that only 141 of the approximately 1,200 who had appeared for the mains scored the minimum marks required in all the subjects.

One understands that none of the staffers or members of the commission have to personally stand scrutiny in the courts and it is only the name of the commission and the purse of the government that get dragged in years and years of litigation, delaying results and blocking new notification, and thus the opportunity for new graduates.

The commission should at the earnest put up an addendum and call all the aspirants who are in the rank of up to 333 and give them a fair fighting chance to give their best to compete for the 250 marks in the interview.

We all know that these exams are the toughest in the state and as such even one mark can make or break the future of an aspirant.

Hoping for a quick resolution in the interest of all aspirants listed and unlisted, as well as the future aspirants in the pipeline to test themselves.

An aspirant