BJP has failed to control inflation

The continued rise in the prices of petroleum products is making life miserable for the people. After two days of lull, petrol and diesel prices on Wednesday were again hiked by 35 paise per litre each, pushing the rates to new highs across the country. For the last few years, the prices of petrol and diesel are continuously rising. The government has not made any effort to control it. The prices are reduced only when there are elections. What is worrying is that even the prices of LPG cylinders and cooking oil are rising alarmingly.

With media as well as people only talking about the rising prices of petroleum products, the ever-rising cost of LPG cylinders and cooking oil has been overlooked. In reality, it is the rise in the price of both which affects the people the most. The poor people are the worst sufferers. The BJP came to power with the promise to bring inflation under control. The party used to criticize the Congress strongly when the prices of petrol and diesel were raised during the UPA era. But now the BJP is miserably failing to keep its promise. Making things worse, the government of India seems to have turned a blind eye to the inflation issue. No attempt is being made to control inflation.