Misuse of govt agencies should end

After agencies like the CBI and the ED, now it seems that the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) is also under the scanner of the citizens. In a shocking revelation on Sunday, a witness in the drugs case against megastar Shah Rukh Khan’s son made claims of payoffs to the NCB’s senior officer Sameer Wankhede. Even though the NCB has denied any wrongdoing, the allegation once again raises a serious question mark. The opposition parties have been alleging that the government is using the NCB to harass Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan for being the vocal voice of the minority in India. With the NCB’s role coming under the scanner over the Aryan Khan case, the opposition’s allegations are starting to make sense.

Ever since the BJP came to power, they are increasingly using central agencies like the CBI, the ED, the NCB, the IT department, etc, to harass those who raise voice against the ruling party. It is not that such things are happening now. Successive governments in the past, including the Congress, have always used these agencies for political gains. But the BJP has taken things to another level. It is setting deeply disturbing trends. The party is harming the image of the central agencies by blatantly using them to harass opposition voices.
However, the saffron party should not forget that India is a democratic country and at some point, anti-incumbency will catch up with it. It can be at the receiving end when other parties come to power at the Centre. This practice of the misuse of central government agencies for political gains should end. They should be independent and work freely.