Weekly market initiative inaugurated

[ Karyir Riba ]

ROING, 5 Nov: Bolung panchayat weekly market, an initiative of the Bolung panchayat to provide a platform to local farmers and entrepreneurs to sell their products, was inaugurated on Thursday by Tourism Director Abu Tayeng at Bolung village here in Lower Dibang Valley district.

The weekly market, established on community land in the village, will be open on Thursdays for all kinds of vendors.

“This is a small gesture from our side to assist our people in earning a livelihood. We hope that the market will help in income generation for the people of the area. This is a baby step towards development in the area and we are hopeful,” said Bolung ZPM Arun Pertin.

He informed that “the rent money that will come out of the market will be used for community welfare such as towards desks and benches for schools.”

Tayeng lauded the Bolung panchayat for making such a market available to the people of the area, and advised the vendors to avoid using plastic sheets and other plastic products.

“Make use of biodegradable objects as much as possible. Safe disposal of plastic bottles and other such objects is important. Health and hygiene of both the marketeers as well as market goers should be taken care of. Making available a bathroom for the market is important,” he said.

ZPC Obang Ngupok said that gambling of any sort should not be allowed in the market. “Do not let such activities lose the sanctity of the market,” he said.

Bukkong ZPM Alina Ratan Perme said, “The market is close to many villages of the area and so is convenient for both sellers as well as buyers. People of the area should take full advantage of the market. At the same time, quality of the local produce should be checked and maintained. If it is sold in the name of organic vegetables, it should indeed be organic. This will help in keeping up the quality of the market.”

HGB Ade Pertin, GBs, panchayat members and other villagers were also present at the inauguration.