Outreach prog for ESM held

KOLORIANG, 9 Nov: Lt Col TC Tayum from the Rajya Sainik Board (RSB) conducted an awareness programme on the board’s outreach programme for ex-servicemen (ESM), here in Kurung Kumey district on 8 November.

Lt Col Tayum informed the ESM, veer naris, widows and NOKs of the district about the “total benefits to be taken by retired (pensioner) of all categories of naval, Air Force and army’s and widows and orphans of the force.”

The ex-servicemen urged the RSB and the district administration to establish an office here to provide information to the pensioners. To this, the deputy commissioner said that the administration will “allow one office room for veer veterans of Kurung Kumey for correspondence and consultation to be benefitted for the pensioner.” (DIPRO)