Min visits pilot rainbow trout farm

ZIRO, 10 Nov: Fisheries Minister Tage Taki visited the pilot rainbow trout fish farm at Pange in Lower Subansiri district recently to assess the growth of rainbow trout in raceways introduced by the fisheries department in May this year.

The rainbow trout displayed an excellent growth of 80-100 gms from 4 gms within six months from their introduction into the raceways.

An initiative of Taki himself, the pilot project is aimed at paving the way for development of trout fisheries in terms of seed production, conservation and propagation and sport fisheries activities at Pange.

District Fisheries Development Officer Laigi Lasa, panchayat members and fish farmers accompanied the minister.

Earlier, Taki visited Swekhe Lake, where the sale of fishes harvested from the lake was in progress.

Fishes with growth weight of 6.8 to 8.9 kgs, altogether weighing 1,257 kgs, were harvested from the lake, which is a record in Ziro valley.

The Siikhe Multipurpose Cooperative Society, which looks after the lake and it’s surroundings, earned Rs 4,39,950 from the sales.

The Swekhe water conservation project is also a brainchild of the minister. (DIPRO)