Dr Tumbom Riba Jomoh receives national award

ITANAGAR, 15 Nov: Dera Natung Government College Associate Professor Dr Tumbom Riba Jomoh was awarded the ‘Nyay Murti Shyamcharan Metra National Award’ at the 44th International Nagri Lipi Conference held at the Pondicherry University in Puducherry recently, for her enormous contribution in the field of Hindi literature.

The award was sponsored by New Delhi-based NGO Nagri Lipi Parishad, which works for the promotion of Hindi and Devnagri script. The Nyay Murti Shyamcharan Metra National Award has been instituted to honour the writers from non-Hindi belts who write in Hindi and Devnagri script.

Dr Jomoh has numerous research papers on Hindi, published in many national and international journals, to her credit. She has received many national- and state-level awards. She has also written several books in Hindi, such as Uss Raat ki Suba, a novel based on the life of tribal womenfolk of Arunachal Pradesh, and Khatam, a book on folktales of different tribes of Arunachal.

Dr Jomoh has been teaching and propagating the Hindi language and writing for the last 15 years in Arunachal Pradesh.