Ensure equitable distribution of funds among districts

Deputy Chief Minister Chowna Mein recently claimed that the state government prudently managed its finances during the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, despite a substantial reduction in the share of central taxes, with a lot of emphasis on the health sector, followed by the education sector. There is no doubt that, despite all the problems arising due to the Covid pandemic, the state has done a decent job of managing the resources. Arunachal Pradesh is fully dependent on central funds. There has been a reduction in central funds due to the pandemic and it has impacted the state.

The health sector has benefitted the most from the infusion of funds in the last two years. The infrastructure of government hospitals is improving and more manpower is being hired. The assets created are appreciated, but the main work starts from here. They need to be properly maintained, and for this regular funds should be made available. With the country still recovering from the lockdowns, the funds will continue to be an issue for the next few years. Whatever funds the state receives have to be judiciously used. The state government should ensure that all districts and regions receive equal funds. Also, in the coming year, the focus should be on the road sector. The highways along with township and village roads all need improvement.