Tell the truth

The India-China conflict continues to dominate the discourse in the country. On Friday, conflicting reports emerged regarding the conflict. One report claims that India and China agreed on the need to achieve complete disengagement from all the friction points along the line of actual control in the western sector and resolve pending issues, amid an ongoing stand-off between the troops of the two nations in the area. New satellite images accessed by NDTV show that China has constructed a second enclave or cluster of at least 60 buildings in Arunachal Pradesh.

The new enclave did not exist in 2019, according to the satellite images; a year later, it can be seen. This is the second major report of encroachment. The BJP-led central government is treading a dangerous path by not coming clear on the issue of Chinese encroachment inside Indian territory. Despite so many reports of Chinese occupation of Indian territory in eastern Ladakh and in Arunachal Pradesh, the government of India continues to maintain a stoic silence. This definitely has emboldened the Chinese to make further moves into the Indian side. The more India tries to hush up the encroachment incident, the more it will benefit the Chinese. It is time the government of India came clean on this issue. The people of India deserve to know the truth. The whole country should come together and stand united against the bullying tactics of China.