Govt diverting attention from price rise: Cong

NEW DELHI, 23 Nov: The Congress on Tuesday accused the BJP government of trying to divert the country’s attention from real problems like price rise faced by the common people to non-issues of caste and religion.

Party leader Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of the increase in GST on certain goods and claimed that the reality of ‘achhe din’, the BJP’s poll slogan, is being continuously “exposed.”

Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera alleged that the prices of commodities of daily use are skyrocketing, due to which the masses are suffering.

“It appears as though there is Section 144 in the kitchen that you cannot keep more than four tomatoes or onions,” he said, referring to the hike in prices.

“Why is it that the government keeps trying to distract the attention of the people from these issues to non-issues? We would not allow the collective attention of the country

to be hijacked by this government by creating non-issues by hiding their failures,” he told reporters.

Khera also alleged that the country was paying the price of the prime minister’s mistakes.

“The 7.5 years of Mr Modi have been a long chain of mistakes, some acknowledged and some realized and some not. Why should the country pay a price for this series of these mistakes of Mr Modi,” he asked.

The Congress leader said that, as a responsible opposition, they will not allow the attention of the country to be distracted and will keep bringing the narrative back on the everyday problems.

He said that the government has realized some of its mistakes after the results of the recently-concluded by-elections and “will realize them more in the next round of assembly elections.” (PTI)