Trekking expedition to Lal Ane peak undertaken

YUPIA, 7 Dec: A 34-member team of government officials, panchayat leaders and villagers, led by three Everesters of the state, trekked to Lal Ane mountain peak in Mengio circle of Papum Pare district.

Led by Everesters Anshu Jamsenpa, Tame Bagang and Tagit Sorang, the four-day (3-6 December) expedition was organized by the Arunachal Tourism Society, in collaboration with the Papum Pare district administration, to explore the prospects for future development of tourism at Lal Ane peak.

Lal Ane peak, also known as Lali Ane in the local language, is situated at an altitude of 3,776 metres and is believed to be the highest mountain peak of Papum Pare district.

Some rivers and streams, like the Panyor, the Pachi and the Pachar originate from this mountain peak.

Yupia CO Yakar Dawe, who was also part of the expedition team, said: “It is a known fact that the mountain connects the hearts and minds of people of these bordering districts, even though an imaginary borderline has now been created. But the history in this mountain will always act as a medium to connect us.”

Other team members included DTO Rigio Tabam, the forest ranger, the LACRA chairman, the Megang GPC, the Mengio PI, the GBs of Tapo village, villagers of Tapo and Kallung, and trekkers from Papum Pare. (DIPRO)