Poet Raghavendra’s ‘Being Non-essential’ released

ITANAGAR, 31 Dec: Poet Madhu Raghavendra’s third book of poems, Being Non-essential, was released at the Reader’s Realm bookstore here on Friday.

“The collection of poems in the book germinates from the blurred line between poetry and journaling, out of the collective agony we experienced during the pandemic,” Raghavendra said.

One of the underlying themes of the collection is how artists across the world are doing their best to put art on social media and create hope, “despite being rendered non-essential.”

“An artist is a witness to his time in history who speaks through the medium of arts. They are beyond the option buttons of essential/non-essential. Art is the essence of the essential. Many of the poems also speak of mindfulness, societal and environmental concerns,” he said.

Professors Tumbom Riba Jomoh and Taro Sindik, along with poet and author Subi Taba and filmmaker Karry Padu attended the event and read out their own poems after the book launch.

The event was followed by an open mic session, during which a few young poets read out their works.