Gov, CM extend Si-Donyi wishes

ITANAGAR, 5 Jan: Governor BD Mishra and Chief Minister Pema Khandu greeted the people, particularly the Tagins, on the auspicious occasion of Si-Donyi festival.

In a message, the governor expressed his hope that the festival, in the New Year 2022, will usher- in amity and empathy amongst the people.

“Si-Donyi showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Tagin fold and plays a significant role in defining the true customs, traditions, and culture of their lineage. Tagin community’s faith is rooted deep and strong in their indigenous worship and their festivals. Si-Donyi Festival is an expression of approbation and esteem of the present generation towards the wisdom of their forebears,” he said.

 “On this joyous occasion, I offer my prayers to Almighty Si-Donyi to invoke their blessings for promoting communal harmony, a good harvest and good health for all of us,” the governor added.

In a message here this evening, Khandu expressed hope that the festival would usher in a prosperous New Year and take Arunachal Pradesh on an unprecedented path of development.

He reiterated that peace is mandatory for development and wished the festival would be celebrated with the message of peace and communal harmony.

“I believe, the colorful festival of the Tagins, the first this New Year, sets up the tempo for peace and development. I wish all my people a successful celebration and may Donyi-Polo shower their choicest blessings on them,” he said.

Khandu further added that despite the threat of Coronavirus still looming over, this year would witness mankind’s victory over the virus.

“May this Si-Donyi mark the beginning of the end of COVID 19,” he added while urging the people to follow all the SoPs as circulated sincerely. (Raj Bhavan/ CMO)