Naam-hum inaugurated in Namsang village

NAMSANG, 18 Jan: A traditional namghar, locally known as naam-hum by the Noctes, was inaugurated and dedicated to the people of Namsang village by Bareghar Satra adhikari gokhai of Sasoni (Assam) Gojen Mohanta, in the presence of PHE&WS Minister Wangki Lowang, paramount chief of Namsang Sunwang Lowangdong, and others.

The naam-hum was renovated with fund from the CCI 2020-21 at Lowang’s initiative.

Speaking on the occasion, Lowang appealed to the people of Arunachal and Assam to maintain the age-old cordial relations.

The minister expressed hope that, with the inauguration of the nam-hum in Namsang, the relationship between the Noctes and the Assamese people would be further strengthened through exchange of culture in the days to come.

Mohanta highlighted the age-old relationship between the Noctes and the people of the plains (Assam) and how the king of Nocte Norottam came to the Bareghar Satra in Sasoni and became the disciple of Shree Ram Ata, which inspired the Noctes to follow Vaishnavism.

The function was also attended by former minister Wangpha Lowang and Deomali ZPM Wangphoon Lowang, among others. (DIPRO)