Young powerlifter given rousing welcome on his return

MAGANTONG, 18 Jan: Ongbem Mossang, who won the gold medal in the junior category in the recently held National Powerlifting Game in Uttar Pradesh, was given a rousing reception on his return to his native village Magantong in Changlang district on 17 January.

Speaking during the felicitation ceremony organized by the village community, the deadlift champion said, “Winning such a tough competition is not easy. It takes a lot of sacrifice, sweat and blood and painstaking preparation and hard work. But I am not doing it for myself. If my achievement can inspire at least one youth from my area to give up mobile and drug addiction, my winning becomes more meaningful.”

Ongbem is the second of the four sons of Bemtang Mossang (a police constable) and Hiramoni Mossang.

Bishop George Pallipparambil of the Miao diocese also met Ongbem upon his arrival and congratulated him for bringing cheers to all the people of the state.

“You are an example for many of our youths who are lost to mobile phones and addictions of all kinds. With your achievement, you bring your village to the map of India. It is because of people like you that our interior villages of Arunachal Pradesh come to the light,” he said.

Local MLA Somlung Mossang also congratulated Ongbem, and gave him a cash award of Rs 1 lakh for further training.

“Real talents are hidden in the last villages of Arunachal Pradesh. If our government could help young boys like Ongbem, we can also have Mirabai Chanus and Lovlina Borgohains from our villages,” said village leader Mankhul Mossang.