RGU launches exhibition to mark IWD

Staff Reporter

RONO HILLS, 8 Mar: Rajiv Gandhi University (RGU) here on Tuesday launched a two-day exhibition by students from the university’s fine arts department and members of SHGs and other organisations, such as the Psychosocial Support Group and the Oju Mission School, as part of the International Women’s Day (IWD) celebration.

Artwork, paintings and sculptures are being displayed and traditional materials are being sold during the exhibition, which witnessed huge attendance by students and teachers from the university and outside on the first day.

Students of the fine arts department are exhibiting their paintings and sculptures on women empowerment and environment.

A woman from an East Siang-based SHG, who has set up a stall displaying traditional attires and handmade items of different tribes, said that the students who visit the stall like the products but are not buying because of the high prices.

“One needs to pay for the weavers, who are mostly local women, along with other liabilities,” she said, explaining the reason behind the high prices.

However, she informed that faculty members are buying products from her stall.

Nabam Hema, a final year student whose artwork is being displayed, explained that her statue of a woman with a child under a tree depicts “how Mother Earth cares for us like a mother cares for her child.”

Some of the stalls, including the ones set up by the evangelical union of the Rono Hills church and the Psychosocial Support Group, have been set up to promote social causes.