Plan ahead for a smart city

Much to the relief of the denizens of the Itanagar Capital Region, the mayor of the Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC), Tame Phassang has announced that the IMC will be constructing a parking area in Ganga market area in Itanagar. The mayor also shared the modalities for the creation of parking spaces in various locations between Banderdewa and Itanagar. This announcement has come as a massive relief to the people of the ICR. Lack of parking spaces in the marketplaces is emerging as the biggest problem for the ICR. Creation of parking spaces along with beautification of the capital region and providing basic amenities like toilets is the need of the hour.

Even though Itanagar has been declared a smart city, it is still lagging behind in many areas. The IMC should focus on providing basic amenities and beautifying the ICR region. Solid waste management is another area of concern and the IMC has to really work hard on it. While sector roads have seen some improvement, poor drainage system is a matter of concern. Also, it is time the authorities made serious plans to decongest NH 415. More bypasses and ring roads should be constructed to ease traffic congestion on NH 415. The present NH 415 will not be able to cater to the needs of the people in another 10 years. Therefore, the authorities should start making plans from now onwards.