Sericulture dept promotes Eri silk

Staff Reporter

ITANAGAR, 15 Mar: With about 250 weavers of Eri silk in the state, the sericulture department is promoting the Eri culture.

The department, which was earlier a part of the textile & handicrafts department, was recently made independent.

At present, the department is implementing various schemes for promotion of Eri silk, especially integrated large-scale Eri farming, under the Northeast Region Textile Promotion Scheme, which has provided sustainable livelihoods to at least 1,000 women beneficiaries.

Just recently, the department organised a three-day event to promote handwoven silk produce.

It is to be noted that the governor’s wife, Neelam Misra, also takes keen interest in promoting Eri silk. In March last year, she had proposed promoting ‘ahimsa silk’, wherein the silkworm neither suffers nor dies for producing silk.

Eri rearing is traditional to the state and almost every household rears Eri, especially in the foothills. The department informed that about 93 percent of the total silk production is Eri silk.

The department’s recently concluded fashion show highlighted the need for product diversification, design development, introduction of new designs and upgrading quality.

Besides the foothill areas, Pasighat and Aalo have benefitted from Eri rearing, and Papum Pare is preparing a list of beneficiaries in sericulture.

The sericulture department is looking to promote silk not only in the northeastern region but internationally.