Arunachal finds mention in book on soils and rocks of India

ITANAGAR, 19 Mar: Arunachal Pradesh has found mention in a chapter of a book titled Geotechnical Characteristics of Soils and Rocks of India.

Chapter 4 of the book, which describes the major types of soils and rocks found in Arunachal, has been contributed by Drs Ajanta Kalita, Sukumar Baruah and Yachang Omo.

The engineering properties of the soils and rocks and their uses in different types of constructions have been described in the chapter.

In addition, the borehole data from selected areas of Arunachal have been discussed to give a detailed idea about the properties of soil and rock found in the state. The chapter also describes earthquakes, rain-triggered landslides, flood inundation and soil erosion, and siltation in some major rivers of the state.

Two case studies describing the geotechnical problems encountered in Arunachal, along with field tests

 for a detailed study and the remedial measures, are also discussed in the chapter.

The book has been published by CRC Press London, Taylor and Francis Group.

Edited by Prof Sanjay Kumar Shukla at the School of Engineering, Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia, the book presents the geotechnical details of geo-materials found in all the 36 states and union territories of India. It covers practical information and technical data for application in ground infrastructure projects, including the foundation of structures, highways, railways and airport pavements, embankments, retaining structures/walls, dams, reservoirs, landfills and tunnels.

These details are useful for professionals dealing with mining, oil and gas projects, and agriculture and aquaculture engineering projects.

Though the book covers the Indian ground characteristics, it can be helpful to professionals of other countries with similar ground conditions and applications.

“Perhaps this book is the first of its kind that covers all the states and union territories of India,” Dr Amo said, adding that the book has the potential to grab the attention of professionals of other countries with similar ground conditions and applications.