Need for drains and pedestrian paths

The near total absence of drains and pedestrian paths in the state capital is not only a cause of concern but also a reflection of the government’s apathy. The citizens are left to walk on the roads which double up as parking lots.

The capital’s roads were built without proper planning. We see the consequences of a badly planned highway without drainage and pedestrian paths. The few metres of drainage that have been built along the highway have been left open, making them dangerous for humans and animals. The open drainage also means that it’s being used as a dumping space, clogging the entire system.

The town will bear the brunt of lack of planning and drains once the monsoon hits. It’s when the streets will be flooded because there is no passage for rainwater to flow.

It’s not only the lack of drains; it’s also lack of pedestrian paths. If the government is keen, it can be more imaginative and build drains that will also act as pedestrian paths.

Effort must be made to address the lack of drains and pedestrian paths in the state capital. These are basic facilities that the citizens should have without having to demand them from the government.