New church bldg inaugurated

YAZALI, 12 May: The new church building of the Yazali Town Baptist Church (YTBC) here in Lower Subansiri district was inaugurated on Thursday.

NBCC range pastor Tara Yarda Apang chaired the dedication and devotion services, and church secretary Rempui Joram led the felicitation services of the new church building.

On the occasion, the land donors, voluntary contributors and the construction committee were recognised for their contributions in the construction of the new church building.

Local MLA and Education Minister Taba Tedir, along with PHE&WS (WZ) Chief Engineer Toko Jyoti attended the inaugural programme.

Speaking on the occasion, Jyoti called on the churchgoers to “not only be a believer but also a good human being.” He urged the NBCC to play an active role in the fight against the growing cases of drug abuse in the state. “The believers in their respective areas, with the active support of NBCC, should create awareness against prevailing drug abuse. This will save many youths from going in the wrong direction in their life,” said Jyoti.

Tedir in his address stressed the need for preserving the tribal languages of the state.

“There is a need for promoting tribal languages among the youths to protect and preserve the identity, as loss of culture is loss of identity,” he said.

Tedir informed that Nyishi as a third language will be taught in all the schools of the Nyishi inhabited districts, and that, recently, an orientation programme was conducted in this regard by the education department.

YTBC woman pastor Baath Shanti also spoke.

NBCC general secretary Rev Tagang Gelo was also present.