Plantation prog in Mirem village; Ering calls for compensatory afforestation


RUKSIN, 14 May: Members of SHG Mirem Abu, in collaboration with the range forest officer here organised a plantation programme in Mirem village in East Siang district on Saturday.

Pasighat West MLA Ninong Ering, East Siang ZPC Olen Rome, and Bilat CO TD Bapu also joined the plantation drive.

Ering stressed on carrying out compensatory afforestation to restore the forest cover that has been lost “due to diversion of forest lands for non-forest purposes.”

The MLA donated money to the organisers to continue their plantation programme. He urged the local leaders and GBs to cooperate with the SHG members.

The ZPC also commended the SHG members for the initiative. He said that “the tradition and culture of the tribal people are closely associated with plants and animals. Therefore, it is necessary to save the plants and animal species to preserve ethnic cultures.”

The SHG’s president Tutu Jerang said that the “motto is to keep our village clean and green.”

The ZPMs of Ruksin, Pasighat (Bogong and Bosing) and Mebo blocks, forest officials, GBs, and public leaders also participated in the plantation programme.