Dismantling of illegal structures necessary

The move of the Itanagar Capital Region (ICR) district administration to dismantle more than 40 temporary and semi-permanent structures in the Gohpur Tinali area is welcome. These structures constructed near NH 415 had become a big menace for the motorists and pedestrians. This kind of drive to remove structures constructed on the CC footpath and drains should be conducted throughout the ICR. In several stretches, including the national highway, sector and colony roads, the people have been found constructing shops on footpaths and drains.

In Itanagar, especially in the Ganga market area, people can barely walk. There is no place for pedestrians. Most of the pedestrian footpaths have been taken over by shopkeepers and hawkers. The capital administration needs to work out a solution in this regard. The government should take care of the livelihood of the hawkers and provide them with a market where they can carry on with their activities. However, there should not be any compromise against the people who indulge in illegal capturing of drains and footpaths. The construction of structures over drains causes it to choke, resulting in the destruction of roads and flashfloods. This issue of illegal construction of structures on drains and footpaths has become a big menace in the ICR. Unless the administration takes a strong stand on this issue, there are possibilities of more such attempts by illegal land grabbers.