Drawing competition for GBs organised

ZIRO, 13 Jun: In a unique event, gaon burahs and buris (GB) picked up colours and pencils to participate in a drawing competition organised by the Diibo Gaon Bura Buri Association (DGBBA) at the middle school in Dutta in Lower Subansiri district on Sunday.

There were many who picked up crayons and sketch pens for the first time in their life.

Yachang Tacho, who organised the competition, said that by organising the event, he wanted the GBs to “come out of their stereotypical work of just solving civil cases.”

Tacho, who is also the convener of the DGBBA, said that, among the 36 participants, only six have received elementary education up to Class 5 and the remaining 30 have never been to school.

The prizes to the winners will be given away on 5 July during the Dree celebration, and the prize winning drawings will also be displayed, Tacho said.

In 2019, the Goan Bura Buri Association had organised the first ever Mr Gaon Bura and Mrs Gaon Buri contest.

The association has also amicably solved 23 civil cases in their jurisdiction in the last six years, apart from organising legal, health, disaster management and environmental awareness camps within its jurisdiction. (DIPRO)