Guv seeks NMA sanction to protect selected monuments in state

ITANAGAR, 17 Jun: Governor BD Mishra suggested “sanctioning a project from the National Monuments Authority (NMA) for protection of selected monuments in the state which have age-old religious, historical and traditional importance for our people.”

During a meeting with NMA Chairman Tarun Vijay at the Raj Bhavan here on Friday, the governor, who has toured Bhismaknagar in Lower Dibang Valley district and has keenly studied the archaeological site, said that the remnants of the historical place, which is a centrally protected monument, must be taken care of, and that “local national monument officials must be supported and assisted for its proper restoration and conservation.”

“This place has legendary importance in the cultural bond of not only the people of Arunachal Pradesh but also for other states of India, particularly Gujarat, who revere Bhismaknagar as the birthplace of their celebrated ancestral queen Rukmini, the consort of Lord Krishna,” he said.

Mishra advocated “regular visits and meetings of the state departmental personnel and NMA officials for regular monitoring and supervision of the treasured monuments.”

The NMA chairman, who was accompanied by Hemraj Kamdar and Prof M Kailasa Rao, assured the governor that measures would be initiated to ensure that best care is taken of the state’s monuments and archaeological sites. (Raj Bhavan)