Landslide blocks B’pong-Tawang road for hours

[ Bengia Ajum ]

TIPPI, 1 Aug: A massive landslide here in West Kameng district blocked the strategically important Bhalukpong-Tawang road for hours on Monday.

Heavy rainfall in the area caused the landslide, with a portion of a hill collapsing on the highway.

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) managed to clear the road after struggling for more than an hour. With mudslides continuing to come down the hill due to continuous rainfall, the BRO personnel struggled to clear the road on time.

Vehicles started lining up on both sides of the block point on the two-lane highway, causing a massive traffic congestion.

“The BRO officials should deploy enough manpower in these kinds of situations. Poor traffic management further caused more trouble to us,” said a citizen.

“I have a flight to catch from Guwahati in the evening. But I fear I might miss my flight due to the traffic congestion caused by reckless lane formation. The BRO should regulate traffic properly in such a situation,” said an army officer who was on his way to Guwahati from Tawang.

Several parts of West Kameng district continue to receive heavy rainfall. There are fears that more blockades will be witnessed if heavy rain continues to lash the region.