B-Binyat and RGU Yameng win at Solung Football Tournament

CHIMPU, 2 Aug: B-Binyat defeated Moying Raseng FC 4-0 in the Solung Festival Football Tournament, 2022 at the AAPBn ground here on Tuesday.

Anggit Moyong, Kadum Panggeng, Kalen Ratan and Kajin Ratan scored a goal each for the winning team.

In the second match of the day, RGU Yameng FC beat Banne Raseng FC 4-1, where Kento Jopok Pertin scored a hat-trick of goals.

The other two goals for RGU Yameng FC were scored by Rahul Saroh and Oying Pazing.

Paul Takong scored the consolation goal for Banne Raseng.

Anggit Moyong of B-Binyat and Kento Jopok Pertin of RGU Yameng FC were declared players of the day.