Take pride in traditional attires: Guv

Weavers honoured with state awards

ITANAGAR, 7 Aug: Governor BD Mishra called upon the people of the state to take pride in their traditional attires and promote them among the younger generation.

Participating in the 8th National Handloom Day celebration at the Dorjee Khandu State Convention Centre here on Sunday, the governor urged the youths to connect with their roots and practice their traditions.

“If they break the connection with their roots, our culture will disappear and this we must not allow to happen,” he said.

Mishra also advised the people to “go for Arunachali organic products for food; use traditional loin loom, handloom woven dresses, and ensure toilets in every home.”

As part of the ceremony, the governor honoured weavers with state awards.

In the ‘Best Handloom Weavers 2021-22’ category, Bamin Apii, of Hapoli (Lower Subansiri), received the first prize, while Kenrik Bagra, of Kaba village (Namsai) received the second prize, and Rubu Rinyo, of Ziro (Lower Subansiri) received the third prize.

In the ‘Best Handicrafts Artisans 2021-22’ category, Pokrin Mitkong, of Peki Modi village (Upper Siang) received the first prize, while Minjom Pakam, of Biru village (West Siang) won the second prize, and John Paleng, of Koreng village (Siang) received the third prize.

The state award carries prize money, a memento and a certificate.

Textile & Handicrafts Minister Tumke Bagra and Textile & Handicrafts Secretary Swapnil Naik also spoke.

As part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, the governor and his wife Neelam Misra released the promo of a documentary on traditional loin loom weaving of the state, titled ‘Celebration of Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav through Loin Loom of Arunachal Pradesh’.

Conceptualised by Misra, produced by the IPR directorate and filmed by Maya Films, Bangalore, the documentary highlights the roots of loin loom weaving and its history, traditional attires, and the uniqueness and beauty of its products.

MLA Rode Bui, along with several SHG members and officials of the textile & handicrafts and the sericulture departments attended in the programme.

Earlier, the governor inaugurated the state handloom expo. He along with his wife and Bagra interacted with the artisans and weavers. (Raj Bhavan)