BRO needs to regain its lost glory

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO), which is an important organisation constructing major road projects in the state, recently announced that it is going to soon launch an environment-friendly technology to construct roads in Arunachal Pradesh, keeping in view the challenges faced by the construction agency in the state due to fragile soil status and landslides. The Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) conducted in-depth research and evolved environment-friendly techniques for road construction in Arunachal. The people of the state will be hoping to witness the BRO introduce this new technology at the earliest.

The BRO should be praised for innovating by adopting an environment-friendly technology to construct roads in Arunachal, but it also needs to concentrate on completing the existing road projects. Once known for its commitment to completing work on time and delivering quality roads, today the BRO is struggling to complete even minor stretches of road projects. The Kimin to Potin road is the best example of its failure to complete road projects on time. The allegation of corruption and slow work culture has dented the image of the BRO. To make matters worse, the road projects taken up by it are not completed on time. Unfortunately, due to this, many of the roads that were earlier under the BRO have now been handed over to the state PWD and the MoRTH. The BRO needs to introspect and improve the work culture. It was once most respected and widely acclaimed for its excellent work culture. The time has arrived for the BRO to regain its lost glory.