IG Park facing brunt of reckless behaviour of visitors

[ Bengia Ajum ]

ITANAGAR, 11 Sep: Visitors to Indira Gandhi (IG) Park here, which is considered to be the ‘lung’ of the state capital, often litter inside the park. Due to the reckless behaviour of the visitors, the park authorities are struggling to maintain cleanliness. Despite several appeals from them, the visitors continue to litter.

“We have put in dustbins where visitors can throw wastages. But still people don’t follow civic sense. We have to regularly collect waste from various parts of the park. First of all, they should not bring any plastic items and secondly, they should throw wastes only in the designated areas,” said a worker of the park.

Further, he said that visitors get angry when urged to maintain cleanliness. “People keep blaming us without knowing the ground reality. The park authorities over the years have made sincere attempts to keep it clean and safe. But until visitors change their attitude, the situation will only get worse,” the worker said.

He went on to add: “There is a stream which passes through the park. Once it used to have many aquatic species. But now, due to pollution, the situation has changed.”

The IG Park authorities have appealed to the visitors to follow the rules and regulations. “We encourage people to visit the park, but they have to act responsibly,” the worker added.

IG Park is looked after by the environment, forest & climate change department.