Taki advocates research, documentation of mother tongue

RAGA, 18 Oct: Agriculture Minister Tage Taki urged the members of the Pei clan to “do research and documentation of their origin and promote the mother tongue first to the children, so that other Abotani groups also follow the same.”

Addressing the general conference of the All Pei Welfare Association at Godak village in Kamle district on Tuesday, the minister said, “Since Abotani clans have no common script to keep written records of their origin in proper manner, documentation in local dialects or in English is the need of the hour.”

The minister commended the Pei clan for “promoting socioeconomic, cultural and educational activities in

the society and encouraging young achievers in various competitive fields.”

The minister further said that “we should give up the greediness of mind, because of which competition for accumulation of wealth started and disunity amongst the brothers also started, and it creates unrest in the society.”

“We should try to earn what we actually need to manage our livelihood, and not much more than we really require,” he added.

AFCL chairman Talo Mugli and ex-MLA Tamar Murtem also spoke. (DIPRO)