Make schools safe for children

Yet again, an incident of molestation of students has been reported. This time it is from the government residential school in Karo in Pidi circle of Shi-Yomi district. The hostel warden, identified as Yumken Bagra, reportedly molested minor girls as well as boys. What is worrying is that the warden has been indulging in the illicit act for the last four years and nobody in the school took action against him. Increasingly, these days, incidents of rape and molestation involving minors in particular are rising at an alarming rate in the state.

The schools are no longer safe for the children, which is worrying all the parents. Despite tall claims by the successive governments, the situation has not improved much. In fact, with each passing year, the schools are becoming unsafe for children. After every incident, the government assures us to take initiative to make schools safe, but things are not improving at all. It is time the government stepped in and took a serious initiative to make schools safe. The district administration should initiate the process, involving the stakeholders at the grassroots. The police and the government alone will not be able to make the schools safe. The involvement of the stakeholders who play an important role in the villages and towns will make the initiative more effective. It is time to come out with a proper policy to make schools safe and secure for the children.