Sona urges youths to stay away from drugs

ITANAGAR, 24 Nov: Legislative Assembly Speaker PD Sona on Thursday exhorted the youths of the state to “get high on life, not on drugs.”

The speaker said this while addressing a ‘mock parliament’ organised by the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly for the students of various colleges as part of the Constitution Day celebration on 26 November at the assembly complex here.

Reiterating that the drug menace is one of the biggest challenges in the society today, the speaker appealed to the youths to not indulge in substance abuse.

Further, dwelling on the right to freedom of speech and expression enshrined in the Constitution for every citizen, the speaker said, “When democracy gives us freedom, it also gives us responsibility,” and added that “people should always analyse and introspect before speaking out their opinions on any platform.”

Expressing serious concern over growing cybercrimes, cyber bullying, social media trolling and other related activities causing serious mental health issues among the youths, Sona suggested to the people, especially the youths, to use social media responsibly and for the good of others.

“Although the cyber world has opened a wide range of learning opportunities for the youth and children, these opportunities and the endless ocean of knowledge have some serious drawbacks, and one of the evils of this increase of knowledge and connectivity is cyber bullying,” the speaker said.

“Cybercrime has emerged as one of the biggest modern-day challenges,” he said, and urged the youths to “be responsible and make use of technology for productive things.”

SIC SP Anant Mittal, SIT SP Rohit Rajbir Singh, ICR SP Jimmy Chiram, TRIHMS Associate Professor Dr Rinjin Megeji, and IFS officer Rangphoa Ngowa attended the mock parliament as resource persons and spoke at length on a wide range of topics, such as cybercrimes, cyber bullying, trolling, mental health, and drug abuse.

Taliha MLA Nyato Dukam also attended the programme. (Speaker’s PR Cell)