13 players selected for Nat’l Sambo C’ship

ITANAGAR, 25 Nov: Thirteen players, along with a coach, a manager and five officials (referees and judges) have been selected by the Arunachal Sambo Association (ASA) for the National Sambo Championship scheduled to be held in Jammu & Kashmir from 30 November to 2 December.

The players are Melung Bagang (60 kg), Choma Doka (58 kg), August Bagang (58 kg), Dodum Pao (88 kg), Kampu Sono Rebe (98 kg), Nanu Taku (60 kg), Billi Lombi (72 kg), Lindum Tani (66 kg), Yarda Sagmana (55 kg), Yarda Sagmaya (55 kg), Yarda Tadap (60 kg), Yarda Kai (50 kg), and Lingdum Logun (55 kg).

Yarda Niki, Boken Tatu, Yarda Tadap, Choma Doka and Kampu Sono Rebe are the selected referees and judges, while Yarda Niki is the team manager and Boken Tatu is the coach, the ASA informed in a release.