RGU organized workshop on Nadi Vigyan

RONO HILLS, 8 May: The Rajiv Gandhi University’s Physical Education and Sports Sciences department organized a workshop on ‘Nadi Vigyan’ here on Wednesday.

The workshop was organized with the objective to understand the techniques of ‘nadi vigyan’ and its physiology and to make the participants aware about ‘prakriti’ of the body–the ‘Vata,’ ‘Pitta’ and ‘Kapha.’

Resource person Dr. Laxmi Narayan Joshi, HoD of Yogic Science, Uttarakhand, Sanskrit University, Haridwar, spoke on the science and physiology of ‘nadi vigyan.’ Dr. Joshi also demonstrated the process of identifying right body alignment and applied marma therapy to soothe body pain.

RGU VC prof. Saket Kushwaha spoke on Indian philosophy and traditional literature on health and wellbeing.

Registrar in-charge and COE of RGU Dr. Vijay Raje spoke about the significance of yogic sciences for mental wellbeing of the youth.

More than 100 participants from different departments learned about the science of nadi vigyan and pain management.

Physical education and sports sciences department’s head (in-charge) Dr. Anil Mili, dean of faculty of physical education and sports sciences prof. T. Lhungdim, head of psychology department Dr. Prashanto Kumar Saha, Dibrugarh University’s physical education department’s head Dr. Mantu Baro, among others, attended the workshop.