Iconic Automobiles, Madee Green Solutions partner on e-waste disposal

ITANAGAR, 26 Nov: Madee Green Solutions, in association with Hulladek Recycling, has partnered with Iconic Automobiles, Lekhi for scientific disposal of e-waste and creating awareness regarding e-waste.

The agreement was signed on Thursday between a representative of Madee Green Solutions and Iconic Automobiles MD Pema Khrimey Loyi.

Loyi said that her organization is committed to proper disposal of e-waste as it is a major pollutant which is not often talked about.

Madee Green solutions and Hulladek have taken the initiative of making Arunachal Pradesh e-waste-free and various institutions have been joining hands with them in order to support them, said a statement from Hulladek.

Madee Green Solutions collected over 2,500 kgs of e-waste in the last one quarter and plans to increased them over the coming quarters.

If you have e-waste to discard, you can write to them~madeegreensolutions@gmail.com.