Govt should focus on interstate air connectivity

With the Hollongi airport having been made operational, a new era has begun in the state. Flight services connecting Hollongi with the rest of the country have started and, hopefully, it will kickstart a new era of development for Arunachal Pradesh. For a very long period of time, Arunachal had remained landlocked. Air and road connectivity is seeing improvement only now. Apart from the Donyi Polo airport, Hollongi, there are several other advanced landing grounds (ALG) in operation in the state. These ALGs can play a vital role in improving air connectivity.

The government should focus on interstate connectivity. During monsoons, when rain batters the state and causes disruption in road connectivity, air connectivity will provide much-needed relief to the people. The Donyi Polo airport can be developed as a hub and a gateway to the state. People can fly into Hollongi, and from it get a connecting flight to Ziro, Pasighat, Tezu, etc. Arunachal Pradesh is a protected state and non-APSTs need an inner line permit to enter the state. The process of getting ILP should be made easier for those flying into the state. This will help to attract more tourists. However, at the airport, strict checking should be done and there should not be any compromise with ILP checking.