Forum seeks fresh recommendation for Yobin tribe’s inclusion in ST list

ITANAGAR, 3 Dec: The Yobin Tribe Fundamental Rights Forum in a letter to the SJETA commissioner on 30 November sought fresh recommendation for the Yobin tribe’s inclusion in the notified ST list of the state.

The forum said that, despite the government of Arunachal Pradesh having written several times to the union tribal affairs ministry to include the Yobin tribe under Article 342 (2), the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes (NCST) and the tribal affairs ministry have pointed out that the Yobins’ ST status does not fall under Article 342 (2).

The NCST and the tribal affairs ministry further mentioned that “an amendment in terms of 342 (2) is not applicable for Yobins and the Yobin ST is covered in Constitution (ST) Orders 1950 (Part XVIII), that is with the rider ‘all tribes of the state’.”

The forum said that, “Although Yobins are now given ST under ‘all tribes of the state,’ that is Constitution (ST) Orders, 1950 (Part XVIII), there is a genuine need to have a constitutional identity, a proper name. This will further safeguard this little-known tribe.”

“Since the Yobin people live along international and frontier regions of Arunachal Pradesh, the Yobins are highly vulnerable and exposed to various forms of

political exploitations. And this vulnerability is obvious when the tribe is not named in the constitution by name but only has a cluster-name like all tribes of the state,” it said.

“Also, not having notified as an ST by name, many educational institutions, employers, services, etc, do not appreciate the Yobins’ ST certificates outside Arunachal Pradesh. Realising similar difficulties, the Parliament made amendments last year, so that 10 new tribes replaced earlier cluster STs like ‘Momba,’ ‘Any Naga,’ ‘Mishmi.’ The Yobin tribe is also asking for similar help. And Yobin is even in greater need because Yobins live along international border areas. Thus, it is extremely expedient that the tribe has a constitutional identity by name,” the forum added.