2023 has inherited APPSC scam from 2022

[ Bengia Ajum ]

The year 2022 has the potential to forever change the future of Arunachal Pradesh. This year saw several important events, including the start of flight operations from the Donyi Polo airport, Hollongi. For a long time, Itanagar had the dubious distinction of being the only capital that did not have an airport of its own. The opening of the Donyi Polo airport is a new era in the history of the state. However, the biggest news of the year was the APPSCE question paper leakage scam.

The scam continues to keep the state on tenterhooks. The aspirants are still deeply angry and are demanding more urgent action from the state government. Till now, 37 people have been arrested in connection with the case, including many serving government employees and brokers. The investigation is being carried out by the CBI and the SIC. The All Nyishi Students’ Union recently enforced a 12-hour capital bandh, demanding early fulfillment of its 13-point charter of demands submitted to the state government. When whistleblower Gyamar Padang first lodged an FIR, complaining of leakage of the question paper of the assistant engineer examination conducted by the commission, no one knew what lay ahead. The scam has since then rocked the state. Civil servants, engineers, and other government officers have been arrested for buying question papers to pass the examination from former APPSC deputy secretary Taket Jerang.

The nature of the scam has shocked the whole state. There are allegations that more people are involved in the scam, and that the investigating agencies need to speed up the investigation process. One of the most shocking revelations of the scam was that some of the candidates failed to clear the exam even after obtaining the question paper in advance. They rewrote the exam at Hotel Chandni, Naharlagun. Since then, meme makers have been having a fun time making memes. The aspirants have shown immense courage and dedication in this case. One can see them regularly following the case in court. It is believed that most of the arrests were made based on the information shared by them. They are putting relentless pressure on the government and the investigation agencies. The state government on its part has assured to make every effort to win back the trust of the aspirants in the commission to conduct the examination in the future.

The question paper leakage scam will continue to dominate headlines in the New Year too. It is a serious case and people will not easily forget it. This is a golden opportunity for the state government to streamline APPSC once and for all. The government should not only ensure punishment for all the people involved in the scam but also develop a robust mechanism, so that such scam is not repeated in the future. At present, there seems to be a trust deficit between the aspirants and the government.

The government has not been able to fully convince the aspirants about its intention. This does not augur well for the state. Perhaps a robust investigation, followed by strong action against the accused, will somehow heal the wound of the aspirants who are still hurting. The year 2022 has been a revelation in a true sense. The question paper leakage scam will forever change the fate of the state and, hopefully, it will be for good. The greater awareness and strong anti-corruption sentiment prevailing among the younger generation is a good sign.