Inspiring achievement

In a massive boost to the game of football, the Mumbai City Football Club (MCFC), one of the country’s top football clubs, has signed Arunachal’s wonderboy Gyamar Nikum from Rajasthan United under a five-year contract deal amounting to Rs 60 lakhs. MCFC is based in Mumbai and in the Indian Super League. The achievement of 18-year-old Nikum is a big source of inspiration for the young generation budding sportspersons of the state. Nikum has done remarkably well for Rajasthan United Football Club and his talent has been noticed by MCFC.

Arunachal Pradesh, though blessed with many budding sporting talents, has failed to produce a star at the national and international levels. Most of the talents slowly fade away after performing well at the junior level. During the period of transition from junior to senior level, they get lost somewhere. Also, at present Arunachal Pradesh is battling the serious challenge of drug abuse, which is engulfing the whole state. Thousands of young children are battling drug addiction in the state. They are supposed to be the torchbearers of the state and the nation, but sadly, they are going wayward in life due to addiction. Considering all of this, the achievement of Gyamar Nikum is truly inspiring. Hope the younger generation idolizes achievers like him and not the wrong people.